We are happy to present you a varied selection of experienced speakers on Java, JavaScript / web dev, and ops. Check out our lineup so far. We'll be announcing more speakers soon — stay tuned.

Venkat Subramaniam

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., and an instructional professor at the University of Houston.

Talk: The Art of Simplicity

Training: Programming Concurrency on the JVM

Holly Cummins

Innovation Leader at IBM, Java Champion, IBM Q Ambassador, JavaOne Rock Star, and regular keynote speaker

Talk: Tradeoffs, Bad Science, and Polar Bears - The World of Java Optimisation

Rachel Andrew

Developer, author, speaker, and a member of the CSS Working Group. Also, cat lover, avid runner, and aspiring pilot.

Talk: How to understand CSS

Emily Jiang

Java Champion, Liberty cloud native architect and advocate, MicroProfile guru, and international conference speaker

Talk: Cloud-Native Application Development with MicroProfile

Nicolas Frankel

Hazelcast developer advocate, experienced consultant, teacher, trainer and author focused on testing, CI/CD, and DevOps

Talk: A Change-Data-Capture Use Case: Designing an Evergreen Cache

Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, veteran of dry specifications and buggy browsers, Erklärbär

Talk: Advanced JavaScript Scheduling and Interleaving with Generator Functions

Training: JavaScript performance through the eyes of a JavaScript engine

Christian Schwörer

Supporter of digital transformations towards distributed, cloud-based (microservice) architectures

Talk: Supersonic Subatomic Mocking: How to test your Quarkus app with Kotlin, JUnit and MockK

Halil-Cem Gürsoy

Software architect who focuses on large distributed Java Enterprise applications and their challenges

Talk: Die JVM in Kubernetes - Von Mythen und Killern

Mihaela-Roxana Ghidersa

Software developer and technology passionate, not afraid to go the extra mile outside her comfort zone

Talk: Quit Learning Frameworks Like There Is No Tomorrow

Kenzie Woodbridge

Systems analyst, web developer, docs wrangler, and community manager - wrote their thesis on prosocial community within Minecraft multiplayer servers

Talk: Long-term Documentation Maintenance: Critically Necessary, Deeply Underappreciated

Rosanne Joosten

Software engineer with a bachelor's degree in psychology, always questioning the way things were done. Likes puzzles, meditating and yoga.

Talk: Wiremock: Because a microservice needs a buddy when you're testing

Tom Granot

Developer advocate who's re-shaping what production observability looks like and an avid explainer of all things tech

Talk: Getting Back to Sleep as Soon as Possible for the On-call Developer