To the Moon and Beyond With Java 17 APIs!

Since moving to a 6 monthly release cadence, the Java platform is evolving more dynamically than ever before. It can be quite a challenge to stay on top of all the changes and new features.

In this talk we're going to explore the most important developments in the Java API: which classes have been added, what has been removed? Join Duke, the Java mascot for a trip to space and learn which exciting new APIs provided by the Java platform can help him with his journey:

  • the Java Vector API for utilizing the SIMD capabilities of modern CPU architectures
  • the Foreign Linker API for integrating with native code
  • the JFR Event Streaming API for publishing JDK Flight Recorder Events

We'll also take a look at some useful changes to the Java runtime, such as CDS archives for a faster spaceship... application launch.


Gunnar Morling

Software engineer, Debezium project lead, Java Champion, open-source enthusiast by heart, and avid blogger More...