Kenzie Woodbridge

Kenzie works at the British Columbia Institute of Technology as a systems analyst, web developer, docs wrangler, and community manager. Kenzie has a passion for communication, continuous iterative improvement, and for systemic solutions to systemic problems. Kenzie has previously spoken at PSEWeb, BCNET, Write the Docs, the International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, the Association of Internet Research Conference, Bifrost Conference for Leaders in Tech, DevOpsDays events in various locations, and STC InterChange, and completed a Master's degree in Professional Communication by writing their thesis on prosocial community within Minecraft multiplayer servers.

Kenzie is awesome and you totally want to be their friend (offer of friendship void where local laws do not permit, not guaranteed in all circumstances, skill-testing questions required).


Long-term Documentation Maintenance: Critically Necessary, Deeply Underappreciated

40 Helens agree: making things is exciting and fun! Maintenance less so, but just as necessary. This is especially true for documentation. Let's talk about workable strategies to keep docs current and useful over time. More...