Of course, we need to talk about COVID. We're planning Accento under its spectre but with the hope that by end of September the situation has relaxed enough to have in-person events without negatively impacint anybody's health or the wider course of the pandemic. But since we can't rely on that, we're also planning an online event as a backup - here are some details on both.

Offline or Online?

Honestly, we wanted to do both, but it turns out that live streaming a conference is more challenging than we expected and we're still too small for that. Let's cross fingers for 2022.

So, for 2021, it's either or. As stated above, we currently plan an offline event. We'll make the decision whether we need to go online by mid August. We'll let ticket owners and partners know by mail and everybody else on this website and on Twitter.

Accento in Karlsruhe

All the information on this website, like ticket prices and location, are for the offline scenario where the conference takes place in person in Karlsruhe.

Accento Online

If push comes to shove, we'll do an online event like last year. Here are some key information:

  • Conference day: September 28th
  • Training day: none
  • Location: to be determined

Online events are not everybody's cup of tea, though, so we'll give you the choice between a full refund or a ticket for the online event (which includes a partial refund as online will be cheaper than offline).