As you've probably noticed, COVID is unfortunately still a thing. 😞 We were hoping that the situation would improve enough to have a joyful in-person conference where you and us, speakers and partners could all meet, but unfortunately we're not there yet.

We don't want to contribute to a pandemic that is far from abating, we'd rather not have a half empty conference because of seating restrictions (currently max 70 people in our venue), and we'd like to prevent speakers getting stuck in quarantine when they travel to Germany or back. Each of those is a serious barrier, all together plus the risk that even that won't work out if restrictions must be tightened because the situation worsens is too much to power through.

So we decided to make Accento 2021 a free online event. As described on a previous version of this page, this means:

Talks will happen as planned, but we won't have trainings because we're not sure we can guarantee the same top-quality as for our talks (remote trainings are hard).

All the information on this website were updated to Accento being online in 2021.